I aim to provide my clients with professional, reasoned, bespoke solutions to all of their health, fitness, sporting/workplace performance and well being requirements.

I base all of my actions on face to face meetings, listening, information gathering and the qualitative and quantitative data made available including any medical and health checks seen to be appropriate.

I do not deal in quick fix, short term, generic “cookie cutter” Body Transformations.

My goal is to give you the tools to achieve long term Optimum Health and Fitness while improving your Sporting/working performance and educating you on the reasons for my nutrition and exercise/activity choices. 

Please take a look at the following subjects that I cover on my website.


Written by Paul Ehren

Human immunity and COVID-19 - CISN Posit

Blog article written by Paul Ehren

Podcast featuring Paul Ehren

Written by Paul Ehren

Why less is more - Cover Pic.jpg

Paul K Ehren

Written by Paul Ehren

Coaching and care of athletes in lockdow

Written by Paul Ehren

The nature of our role in an athletes ec

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